Bulk WhatsApp Sender Guide



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  • Visit https://app.cloudwasender.com/signup
  • Enter your Name, Email and Password to create free trial account. You will receive email verification link on your email ID



  • Visit https://app.cloudwasender.com/login to login to your existing account


Plan Validity

  • On top right you will be able to see your subscription validity date and upgrade option


WhatsApp Menu

  • On left side bar you will find a WhatsApp menu, click on it to open the panel and add your WhatsApp account, view reports, create WhatsApp campaigns, upload contacts and lot more

WhatsApp Menu

WhatsApp Menu Options

Link Mobile Number

  • Click on + Add Account button to scan and link your WhatsApp Number
  • You can use both WhatsApp for Individual and WhatsApp for Business

Add WhatsApp Account

  • You will see your unique QR Code, scan the same to link your WhatsApp number

WhatsApp QR Code

WhatsApp Linked Device Link Device 2 Link Device 1


Import Contacts

  • Now click on Contacts menu to import contacts to whom you want to send bulk WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp Contacts Import

  • Click on + button to create new contact Group/List/Segment in which you can import and store all the contact numbers to whom you want to send Bulk WhatsApp messages
  • Group/List/Segment helps you to manage and organize your targeted list of contacts for WhatsApp campaign
  • You can create multiple contact Group/List/Segment

WhatsApp Contacts Group

  • Once Group/List/Segment is is created, click on it to import the contacts

WhatsApp Contacts Upload 2

WhatsApp Contacts Upload 3

  • You will get 2 options to import contacts as shown below 1) Import via CSV file 2) Copy Paste
  • You can download the sample CSV file format to upload your contacts

Upload Contacts via CSV

Copy Paste Contacts

Bulk WhatsApp Messaging

  • To send bulk WhatsApp messages, navigate to the Bulk Messaging menu as shown in below snapshot;

Bulk WhatsApp Message Menu

  • Click on the + button to create new bulk WhatsApp campaign as showing in below snapshot;

Bulk WhatsApp Create Campaign

  • Choose the linked WhatsApp number from the list via which you want to send Bulk WhatsApp messages
  • Messages sent via this number will be also shown in your mobile WhatsApp number automatically when they are sent

Choose WhatsApp Profile

  • Enter your WhatsApp campaign name here
  • You can give any name of your choice that help you to identify in report later

WhatsApp Campaign Name

  • Choose the contact group/list/segment here from the dropdown to which you want to send the bulk WhatsApp campaign

Choose Contact Group

  • Choose any media like image, pdf file, video, etc that you wish to send with your WhatsApp messages
  • Keep size of your media file lower to deliver messages faster and avoid your mobile device getting hang

Upload Media

  • In caption you can type or copy paste the message that you wish to send
  • You can use emojis here
  • You can personalize each messages by adding %Name%, %Param1%, %Param2% and so on depending upon the data you have uploaded while creating contact group/list/segment
  • You can the message as a template and reuse in future to save typing efforts
  • You can use URL Shortener to auto short any link exist in your message
  • You can use all the WhatsApp supported formatting options like *, _, Bold, Italic, etc

WhatsApp Message Drafting

  • You can send your campaign instantly or schedule it to send automatically on a predefined date and time

Bulk WhatsApp Message Schedule

  • Choose minimum and maximum seconds to keep delay between 2 messages
  • Recommended is minimum 3 seconds and maximum 5 seconds but you can choose as per your requirements

Bulk WhatsApp Message Delay

  • You may define timeframe when scheduled messages to be sent
  • You can leave it empty to send messages instantly without any schedule

Bulk WhatsApp Message Schedule Preferrence

  • Once you are done with above steps and verified all the steps twice…..you can hit the button Send or Schedule to start delivering your WhatsApp messages

Bulk WhatsApp Message Send

Auto Responder

  • You can create your own auto responder message that will be sent to the contact automatically when they send you a message
  • This feature is similar to the feature available in WhatsApp for Business
  • You can define resubmit delay by when next auto responder should be sent to the same contact
  • You can even exclude contacts of your choice to whom you don’t want to send the auto responder message

Whatsapp Autoresponder Menu

WhatsApp Autoresponder Options

WhatsApp Autoresponder Resubmit

WhatsApp ChatBot

WhatsApp ChatBot is the amazing feature of our application. It helps you to create chatbot based on your business requirements.

You can preconfigured the common keywords based on the common questions that your customer asks frequently and your chatbot will auto respond them accordingly without your active presence.

Once configured, you can add WhatsApp button on your website and simplify the customer communications.

Click on the ChatBot menu to start setup as shown in below snapshot;

WhatsApp Chatbot Menu


Click on the + icon to add new answering bot based on the keywords of your choice;

WhatsApp Chatbot Creation


Here you may define one or many keywords that your customers ask frequently and you wanted to set auto respond your answers based on these keywords.

WhatsApp Chatbot Keywords


In caption you can define your message that will auto sent based on the keywords you have defined in above step;


WhatsApp Chatbot Save